Stained Glass Design

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Stained glass can take a variety of shapes. It can be very traditional by its technique and subject or on the contrary very contemporary.

The stained glass Workshop offers windows of all sizes and varied subjects. The stained glass window can take the form of a glass bay or simply a decorative object to be put on a windows or wall. Want to bring color to your home? From a small or large window… The stained glass is the master in matter.

The fusion of several glasses gives the technique of the fusing. This allows to create small objects such as expensive doors, under glass, objects to be affixed to a window or a wall such as a bird, a butterfly, an insect…. cups, ashtrays, frames, jewellery, modules….

The assembly of glass parts by lead offers the possibility to create objects flat, to affix to a window already existing or to replace one. These stained glass windows can also be inserted in a frame to hang over a window or simply laid on a piece of furniture. For weddings, city gifts, trophies… it is a gift of value and original.

The painting also offers the stained glass the possibility to represent any subject. The combination of the color of glasses and paint which is black or colorful, makes the stained glass even more precious and fabulous. You are passionate about birds, made your favorite stained glass. It’ll enlighten your interior. You are a fan of a cartoon hero, do not hesitate to have it interpreted in stained glass.

Whether you like the traditional or the contemporary, the stained glass will turn your idea into color. Reflections are sometimes as important as the glass itself. If you place a stained glass window on a well-lit windows, the glasses will create colorful reflections that extend into your interior. All the art and beauty of the stained glass is in the light it creates.

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